Quality, strength and passion

Since 1901 in Faxe, Denmark, we have been brewing our beers with the same dedication to quality, strength and passion that beat in the heart of every one of our Viking ancestors.

The same spirit of adventure as our illustrious forebears has led us to proudly export these beers to over 70 countries, sharing our dedication for the very best in beers with lovers of quality all over the world.

There’s a Faxe beer for every taste and for every occasion. Your own saga of taste discovery starts here.


Warriors, traders, engineers, innovators, and brilliant navigators

Vikings, the Norse seafarers of legend, were warriors, traders, engineers, innovators, and brilliant navigators. Fiercely loyal to their families, communities and brothers-in-arms they were infused with a passion for adventure and exploration. Pushing the boundaries of both their knowledge and their abilities, they extended the edge of the Viking map far beyond the then known horizon.


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Our illustrious Viking ancestors explored far and wide. Following in this tradition of passion for trade and discovery Faxe can be also found all over the world, indeed, in parts of the globe that even our forebears failed to reach. You can follow what is happening with news, events, promotions and much more in your local market here.

A century-long voyage of discovery

Starting in 1901 the Faxe Saga has been over a century-long voyage of discovery. In the course of this adventure we have skilfully blended our passion for quality with our ambition to create the very best in refreshing and flavourful beers and soft drinks. We have grown from a small family business with a vision into one of the most recognisable and trusted Danish brands, our logo becoming the embodiment of the Viking qualities of strength, reliability and honesty along the way.


Discover the Faxe vikings and more

Want to get in touch with your inner Viking? Here you can download our specially commissioned Faxe brand artwork and Faxe product images. These are for personal use only, but who wouldn’t want a Faxe Viking as wallpaper?

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Here at Faxe we thrive on feedback, and we would love to hear from you about your own Viking-themed activities. Comments or queries about our products and any relevant improvements we can make to this site are also very welcome.



Faxe brand artwork and Faxe product images. These are for personal use only, but who wouldn’t want a Faxe Viking as wallpaper?