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Faxe Premium 5%

Faxe Premium 5%

Faxe Premium is a smooth and full-bodied all-malt lager beer.

Faxe Premium is a classic international premium lager with a smooth, distinctive taste. The combination of the finest malt, hops and own water results in an all-malt premium beer, which is full-bodied, however at the same time pleasantly mild with a round taste and a smooth mouthfeel. A crisp and well-balanced lager beer.
Faxe Amber 5.2%

Faxe Amber 5.2%

Faxe Amber 5,2% is a well-balanced lager made from the best barley malts and bittering hops!

Faxe Amber has a generous golden colour and a full and rich taste characterized by a slight sweetness and pleasantly bitter touch.

It is an extraordinary round lager experience, with the fine notes of malt in focus. Especially the use of roasted malt gives character to Faxe Amber, with its golden colour as well as the slight sweetness and bitterness of the hops.
Faxe Premium 0.0% (non alcoholic)

Faxe premium 0.0%

Faxe Premium 0,0% is a test-winning great beer without alcohol.

NEW TECHNOLOGY: Slow de-alcoholisation of original pilsner using 40º C vacuum distillation. With natural aromatisation and CO2 adjustment.

NEW TASTE: A fresher, cleaner taste, unlike most of the other nonalcoholic beers. A light, golden lager colour with a firm, white head.
Faxe 10% - Strong Beer

Faxe 10%

Faxe 10% is the best strong beer with full and strong value for money.

Faxe 10% is a strong beer with 10% alcohol. The slight sweetness combined with the high alcohol percentage results in a balanced product with a vinous taste. Faxe 10% is free of additives and, unlike other very strong beers, it contains no added alcohol. The high alcohol content is achieved through standard brewing techniques.It is easily drinkable and an excellent alternative to drinks and cocktails.