Faxe 10%

Alc. 10% vol.

INGREDIENTS: WaterBarley maltGlucose syrupMaizeHops

PACKAGING: Can: 33 cl, 50 cl, 100 cl Bottle: 33 cl
IBU: 35
EBC: 10

FAXE 10%

Faxe 10% is the best strong beer with full and strong value for money.

Faxe 10% is a strong beer with 10% alcohol. The slight sweetness combined with the high alcohol percentage results in a balanced product with a vinous taste. Faxe 10% is free of additives and, unlike other very strong beers, it contains no added alcohol. The high alcohol content is achieved through standard brewing techniques.It is easily drinkable and an excellent alternative to drinks and cocktails.

Faxe 10% – strong lager beer imported from Denmark